Friday, April 19, 2024

High-profile figures for Gaborone marathon

The much anticipated Gaborone City Marathon is expected to attract many high-profile figures in the country.

According to Emma Muller, the Communications Officer of the event , high profile figures with the exception of active athletes will grace the event. Others will go for the short distance of four and half kilometers while others will go for the longer route of 42.2 kilometers.

Already the Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank, David Cutting, will be one of those who will be gracing the event and will be going for the longer one.

Asked by The Sunday Standard what prompted him to take part in the first ever Gaborone City Marathon, Cutting said that he was an athlete before and had decided to give it another try.

“I decided to return to marathon running after 12 years when I heard about the Gaborone City Marathon two months ago,” he said.

Cutting, who started training three weeks ago, has been following his own training program in the gym.

Speaking with a determined sense of mission, Cutting added that he had been training on the tread mill, which is a little bit easier than road running. He said the road is a bit difficult because one has to apply all of himself. “The tread mill gives you a focus and a sense of security. It allows you to set and monitor targets for yourself. I also use the gym to get my general fitness up. Now it’s about getting the legs used to the distance,” he said.

Cutting ran his first marathon in Singapore in 1982.

Between 1982 and 1998, he ran five marathons, the last of which was the Hong Kong Marathon in February 1998.
He completed the New York Marathon in November 1996.

Asked whether he had set a time for completing the Gaborone Marathon on April 18th, Cutting said: “If I can finish any time between 4 ÔÇô 4.5 hours I will be very grateful.”


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