Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hip hop extravaganza to rock Gaborone

Hip hop enthusiasts are in line for a treat of a lifetime October 27 and 28 when Urbanite Junction rocks Gaborone.

Urbanite Junction is a Wesside Entertainment production in conjunction with Alliance Francaise. This two-day hip-hop experience extravaganza is to be held at Botswana Craft on October 27 and 28 October at Teen Zone, Molapo Crossing.
In the late 80s a new and emerging culture quickly spread across the globe.

Music from ‘the streets’ suddenly took to the radio stations. Young urban people began to express their individuality through lyrical expression.
As the lyricists executed their poems over a beat box, others danced to the rhythms: this later became known as break dancing or body popping. By having such a strong influence on urban culture this movement changed the face of fashion, by accommodating the needs of the dancing style.
A newfound freedom of expression radically became a universal culture. The globalization of the hip-hop culture has continued on and is evident with influences nearly every aspect of our twenty first century lifestyles.

The vast impact and unity of this movement across the world prompted Wesside Entertainment a local events company to produce this two-day hip-hop experience extravaganza: Urbanite Junction, that encompasses a workshop and performance shows.
During the 60’s -70’s the apartheid r├®gime in South Africa was at its strongest – urban black Africans were removed from the cities to new establishments know as ‘townships. It was here in the ghettos that the native dance of ‘pansula’ emerged forming a sense of identity for the youth. This identity has influenced lifestyles, clothes, language and music – an entire nation.

On the other side of the globe in America and Europe, the globalization of hip-hop was greatly influencing the trends and quickly becoming the ‘expression of the streets’. These two very influential trends emerged from peoples struggles: a need to express their dissatisfactions towards aspects and elements of their lives. These ‘street dancers ‘ united communities in their expression of energy and rhythm. From gumboots to high tops a sense of unity between these two cultures became prevalent. It was these historical theatrical expressions that lead to the interaction between these two very diverse yet extremely similar groups.

A sense of ‘cultural’ education between members from these two communities lead to them uniting and forming a dance company. A collaboration of French urbanites and South African ghetto super stars passionate expression of ‘gumboot hip hop pantsula’ dance, form an exciting and innovative show/workshop: Images in Nations.

For local DJ’s the “Beat Premiers” turntabilism is their art, fast and slick scratching and cutting have transformed the noble turntable into an instrument all on its own. Featuring during their performance are the young and highly talented winners of my African dream & Twist dance competition 2006 the “ Earthquakes”.

The impact of hip-hop on fashion is monumental. They seemly go hand in hand with one another: as the words speak the music, the clothes speak for the person – an expression of the environment they live in. Mafia Soul’s hip-hop clothing has gained international recognition and shall be showcased at the show. Through the use of spray paint and felt tip pens the essence of Street graffiti painting has radically changed the perceptions of many minds: into an appreciation for a highly talented painting design technique. ‘The Collectors’ are dynamic group of young Batswana who have joined forces to revive an art form literally drawn from the streets.
The show shall climax with a showcase performance by Botswana’s mastermind musical lyricist, Stagga, showcasing songs from his much anticipated “Music For Your Movement” album to be released this summer.

The half day workshop on the October 27 is an educational workshop opportunity for underprivileged young people and a pre selected number of participants, how to understand and experience the various elements to commercial DJing vs. club/party, becoming a lyrical performer, the art of the air brush and a new and dynamic dance genre: ‘gumboot hip hop pantsula’.
The show is set to radically redefine the culture of the hip-hop movement in Botswana forever!


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