Saturday, March 25, 2023

History haunting Rollers again

Township Rollers have a tendency of dropping points at a very wrong time and thus giving others a way to finally claim the league championship.

A typical and memorable time was last year when they started well only to eventually drop from the top four towards the end.

Rollers league inconsistency dates back to the early and mid nineties when Lobatse side, Extension Gunners, was on top of their game.

In almost three consecutive years of 1992, 93 and 94 when Gunners won the league, Rollers always started better only to drop points at crucial stages.
Gunners mainly came back strongly in the second round while the former wilted.

It was only in 1995 when they managed to soldier on for the better part of the year and ended as league champions. Since then it took them 10 years to redeem their pride and win the league again. This year they are trying hard and to win the league again and the healthy lead they had has drastically dropped and many Rollers supporters are asking themselves whether history will repeat itself and haunt the team once again.

Before the first round was about to end, Rollers were leading their near rivals, Mochudi Centre Chiefs, by eight points and that has since been reduced to two.

Until before their match against Centre Chiefs on Sunday, Rollers were leading the former by five points and they were looking to extend it to eight. A draw would have been fine for the team because they could have maintained their lead.

The wild celebrations by Centre Chiefs showed that somehow they did not expect a victory from the team that was considered to be spitting fire. Rollers also wanted to prove that a first round draw was a sheer luck for Centre Chiefs where the former claim they deserved full three points and it was a day-light robbery from the referee.

The second round being the most critical, people are starting to question reading of the game by Rollers coach, especially in the second half. Many Rollers supporters left the stadium dejected after witnessing the team surrender a two goal lead.


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