Friday, December 3, 2021

HIV positive assault victim lands in dock

Machel Marumo (30), who is HIV positive and is taking antiretroviral therapy should have been on the witness stand explaining how he was assaulted by a stranger at Maruapula, instead he found himself in the dock still trying to come to terms with what happened between the time he was attacked and when his name was put on the police charge sheet.

Marumo had gone to the police station to report that he had been assaulted by a stranger at Maruapula.

According to the evidence led before the Urban Customary Court by state prosecutor from the Central Police Station, Constable Phirinyana, the complainant found police officers helping other people at the Central police station and he demanded that he should be attended to first.

He later stormed out of the charge room and went to police headquarters to complain that Central Police officers were refusing to help him. At the police headquarters, he was advised to go back to Central Police Station to lodge his case, but he lost his temper and accused police officers of working with criminals.

Phirinyana told the court that the accused was charged with common nuisance.
Before passing the sentence Urban Customary Court Deputy Court President, Kgosimotse Sebele, told the court that what he could send Phirinyana to jail for insulting on duty officers.

In mitigation he told the court that he is HIV positive and on ARV therapy. He asked the court to spare him a prison sentence saying he was seriously ill. He was sentenced to three months in jail wholly suspended for three months.


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