Thursday, May 23, 2024

Hollard Life, BPL join hands to provide cover premier league players

Botswana football is littered with tales of players whose careers were either halted or nearly halted by serious injuries.

Players like one time national team goalkeeper Kagiso Tshelametsi and former national under 20 defender Boniface Makolo can bear testimony to such.

At the peak of their careers, both had serious injuries that all but ended their playing careers.

For the few lucky ones, a serious injury has meant more time on the hospital road than in the football pitch.

Without medical cover and with teams struggling financially, for local footballers, an injury can spell an end to a career.

All this however may be the thing of the past, if the arrival of Hollard Life Botswana in the Botswana Premier League (BPL) space is anything to go by.

The insurance group has partnered with the BPL (BPL) to provide life cover for all premier league players.

Unveiling the partnership, Hollard Life head of Distribution, Reason Nyamambi said the company would provide insurance cover valued at around P30 million annually to all BPL’s sixteen (16) teams.

With the insurance cover launched when the first half of the season had long started, it is expected that it will be available at the start of the second half of the season.

“The lessons learnt in this season will enable us to review before we proceed to the next season,” explained Nyamambi.

“The insurance cover aims to provide protection from a potentially costly financial experience. The policy is designed to cover the players in the home country, Botswana, in the event of a sports related accident where the player suffers an injury during the BPL competitions and aims to provide protection from a potentially costly financial experience,” said Nyamambi. The policy covers disability and Non-Medicare Medical Expenses.

She observed that football is more than a game, it plays a pivotal role in all societies and communities.

Hollard viewed the partnership with BPL as a better way to reach the community through supporting football, especially the players who touch all our lives.

BPL Chairperson, Jagdish Shah said they will be working hard to treasure the relationship so that they can continue being supported by Hollard for the betterment of football and security of players.

He observed that many players’ careers were ended by injuries that could have been rehabilitated and get healed. Shah believed that the life insurance cover will assist player and help them in prolong their careers and also it will stop complains from the public that players health is neglected.

“Often when the game is over, we do not realize some of the challenges that the players have to deal with, some of them life changing. As Hollard we believe in ensuring lives ensuring better future,” Nyamambi explained his company involvement in local football.

Hollard Life Botswana recognises that football can be a high-risk activity where an injury can either slow down one’s career or despicably end it. We offer a solution to this potential ordeal suffered by the players.

“Hollard insurance cover provides cover against unexpected medical costs, so the player can focus on getting back into the game. The insurance cover offering is put in place to ensure appropriate medical treatment for a timely return to the competition and improved performance to star players,” said Nyamambi.


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