Friday, April 12, 2024

How to celebrate Anti Valentine’s Day

The Christmas decorations have barely been taken down and already, next week Saturday, couples in love across the world will be waking up to roses, chocolates and breakfast in bed all in commemorating Valentine’s Day, pure bliss for everyone right? Wrong.

Not everyone has found their happily ever after and granted, there will be many wallowing in self pity. The fact that it falls on a weekend does not help the singletons out there.

“I will be at home going about my Saturday chores, nothing special,” is a response from Kaone Segarona, a young lady in her early thirties, she goes on to vehemently deny that she has any desires to be wined and dined with romantic candlelight dinners by a prince charming. “My heart has been broken enough times to realise that every rosebud has its fair share of thorns on its stem.”

For Kaone, an Anti Valentine celebration should be the order of the day. This is when reality kicks in that on Valentine’s Day you have to spend money to make a gesture, but we’re also told that if we’re single, we’re kind of worthless.

There are a number of ways that the single girls can find ways of having fun on this occasion tailored for couples in love. There is a way to turn this sad situation upside-down. One can converge with a group of girlfriends for interesting fun activities like selling items belonging to former partners either online or a garage sale. You can also get really cheap, cheesy and cheeky gifts to annoy an ex partner. In the more modernised Western countries, many restaurants host special Valentine’s Day dinnersÔÇötasting menus, fixed-price multi-course deals with Champagne, and so onÔÇöothers know that a niche group of diners love to hate the holiday that’s supposed to celebrate romance. With that in mind, other restaurants host Anti-Valentine’s specials. Several restaurants go as far as, including Jasper’s, which is offering an Anti-Valentine’s cocktail called Dancing with the Devil.

It is also at these anti valentine celebrations that the creation and demolition of a heart-shaped pi├▒ata has become a ritual. Fill it up with whatever you like (candy and chocolate never hurt, as long as they’re not Valentine’s products!), or fill it up with nothing at all, then beat it up to your heart’s desire. You have to take out that aggression somehow; why not with a good old-fashioned beating? After all, hearts were made to be broken.


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