Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How to secure 12 supply tenders

Government is aware of a certain company, Harvest Investments of Dukwi that has over the years dominated food rations supply in junior secondary schools in the Nata/Gweta and Nkange constituencies.

To date, Harvest Investment, whose owner was unnamed has won atleast 12 tenders to eclipse other equally competent rivals including some local youth owned in the two constituencies.

“My Ministry is aware that a certain Harvests Investments of Dukwi has been awarded numerous tenders to supply food rations in junior schools in Nata/Gweta and Nkange constituencies,” admitted junior minister at Basic Education Ministry, Moisaraela Goya.

In the same vein Goya admitted that, “I have since been made aware there are businesses which are youth owned and could have been empowered.”

Troubled by the seemingly apparent favouritism and bias leveled towards a certain Harvest Investments of Dukwi company by the Authorities, the competing rival companies approached the area Member of Parliament Polsen Majaga who put the tenders won by the company at 12 in his Parliamentary question.

On behalf of Majaga, who is away on Parliament duties outside the country, Boteti East MP Sethomo Lelatisitswe posed the question this week.

Goya however said he is not in a position to reveal the names of the owners of Harvest Investments.

As a means to cushion record high unemployment level and encourage citizen empowerment, Government previously introduced a string of socio-economic interventions some targeting the vulnerable youths such as the Youth Development Fund, Citizen Empowerment Development Agency and Local Enterprise Authority (LEA).

Tangible results of the projects are yet to be realised, with some of the beneficiaries crying foul and favouritism of the same companies awarded the same tender despite other equal competent competitors, let alone shoddy service delivery and quality.

Under the YDF intervention, potential youth beneficiaries are entitled to a Government financial assistance ranging from P50,000-P100,000 per project with a bleak prospect facing some of the initiatives.

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA) cater for all prospective business ventures while LEA will provide for logistical and mentoring interventions with results of the same yet to be appreciated too.


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