Sunday, September 24, 2023

HUB TV goes into local taxis with ‘real content’

Local production house, HUB TV, recently launched its LCD screens targeted at kombi commuters. Installed in 25 combis so far, the screens will be displaying real time content produced by the station on a daily basis. 

“HUB TV is a free to air digital TV channel on public transport in Gaborone, broadcasting relevant and engaging content for the commuter market such lifestyle, entertainment, local and international news, sport and music. 

“Through our network of 25 screens mounted in kombis, the content reaches over 100 000 people across different commuter routes every month,” explains Hub TV Managing Director Oaitse Chamme.

On the decision to explore such a venture, Chamme states that there are vast opportunities for content creation in Botswana. “The commuter market and public transport is highly accessible, and we wanted to provide a unique approach to enhance their experience. Our team will be working around the clock as we mainly produce and air local content.”

A self-funded project, Chamme expressed that they had to dig deep into their pockets, however, they are confident in the platform, a first of its kind in the country. 

“It took us about five years to make this happen, and we had to overcome a lot of challenges both technical and financial. However, we persisted because this platform is a great way for Batswana to familiarise themselves with local content. It will also assist companies to better position their brands and market their products, and local artists tap in to widen their reach as well. It offers something for everyone.”

He says the content is tailored for different ages and will be enjoyed by many “HUB TV content contains something for every age group and being in both English and Setswana, it ensures that Batswana can enjoy what the channel has to offer. Adding that they designed the whole network from the audience’s perspective, he says people should look forward to engaging and quality content.

With some already expressing worry that they might miss their drop-offs because of the sound, Chamme says they have made sure that their sound levels don’t interrupt the business of the drivers. “We will appreciate any feedback from listening commuters as this will help us tighten and improve our services.”

“It’s a good thing because it brings entertainment to my customers. Ever since I’ve had the TV installed in my Quantum I’ve had more customers. It is a good thing to be associated with new technology because it makes you relevant,” Thabiso Matlale, a driver said.

For more information, visit their website or email [email protected] 


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