Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Hunting ban to trigger lawsuits

Some hunting safari companies have hinted at the possibility of lawsuits against Community Trusts for breach of contract following government’s move to ban hunting including in concession areas.

Many safari companies operate in concession areas in agreement with Community Trusts.

Government has taken a decision to ban trophy hunting next year.

The ban will cut short lease agreements thereby exposing some community trusts to charges of contract breaches.

Some such leases run beyond 2014.

 Some companies that have entered into agreements with community trusts have told The Telegraph that they are consulting their lawyers over possible breach of contracts by trusts.

The companies have stated that they are consulting their lawyers after it became evident that the issue was beyond them.

 In the past Professor Joseph Mbaiwa of the Okavango Research Centre in Maun had also argued that the ban on trophy hunting could trigger lawsuits.?Mbaiwa stated that in the past lawsuits have led to the collapse of such community trusts when such cases were before the court of law. 

However, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Neil Fitt has insisted that the hunting ban will apply to all.

“It doesn’t matter whether the lease agreements are still in place.┬á The government is the one that gives those companies licenses to hunt,” added Fitt.


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