Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I am no sexual predator ÔÇô ‘Dipsy’ Selolwane

Former Zebras talisman, Diphetogo ‘Dipsy’ Selolwane has denied allegations that he is a sexual predator.

The former footballer’s name cropped up and he was accused of preying on women as Batswana were this week embroiled in a heated discussion on issues of sexual assault and rape.

Responding to a twitter storm ignited by a post of Zinedine Karabo Gioia who shared her experience on a date rape, one commentator mentioned Selolwane as a sexual predator.

‘Dips Selowane befriends you, send you money later on invites you to his house, get you by BBS take you to his house in Tsholofelo then begs for sex. Even if you refuse he touches you and do all other things,’ the comment read.

“This week some damning allegations were made against me on social media, as part of a burning issue being discussed in the public domain.  I would not ordinarily respond to conversations or allegations made on social media, but in this instance I have decided to respond given the seriousness of the issue and my personal stance on issues of sexual assault,” Selolwane said in a statement released through his Public Relations representatives Incepta Communications.

“The allegations made on social media accuse me of sexual misconduct, and go so far as to suggest predatory behavior on my part. I am completely shocked and deeply disturbed by the claims that have been made, and would like to categorically mark them as untrue,” so reads the statement.

“I am completely against violence against women, including sexual abuse, in any shape or form. I was raised by a single mother, I am a father to a teenage daughter, and stand firmly against gender based violence both in my personal and professional life. It would therefore be completely out of character for me to behave in the manner that has been suggested.”

The former national football star went on to say that he intends to take legal action against his accusers to clear his name.

“I take these false allegations leveled against me very seriously and have decided to exercise my right to legal counsel and take action against my defamers. I strive to be an upright member of society, and have been committed to contributing in any way I can to Botswana – my home – throughout my life. Most important, is my desire to be a good father and a role model to my daughter,” Selolwane said.

“I commend every victim of sexual assault that has, or is, speaking out in earnest. I am inspired by their bravery, and encourage more of those affected to report such criminal activity to the authorities so that the perpetrators are brought before the law.  Myself, and other concerned fathers, brothers and sons, will continue to support you and do our part to fight alongside you for your protection and justice.”

“I am most saddened by the impact that these false allegations has had on my family, and I will work tirelessly to remedy the harm brought to my name. I will not accept claims of predatory activity and criminality because that is not who I am,” the statement concluded.


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