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I want to enlarge it!

Dear Doctor,

I am a 45-year-old male. I have a problem that seriously affects my love life. I can’t get a stable relationship because I believe I have a small private part. I have tried different products to enlarge my private part but I can’t get things right. My sexual desire is so low. I am miserable.

Gaborone (email)


It is not uncommon to hear men worrying about the size of their male organs. Sexual desire level is another issue of concern to many men.

The complaint about male organ size is common but always found by expert to be of normal size. Commonly, many have lost money in trying to enlarge their male organs but they usually do not get results.

What could go wrong then? Is there something called small penis? Well, some men do really have abnormal penis. The condition is known to doctors. A special hormone called testosterone is responsible for development of male organ and other masculine features. Anything that disturbs testicular health can affect production of this chemical and thus affect production and release of this hormone. These include certain diseases like mumps, iron disorders, structural problems such as when a testis is trapped inside the body during early pregnancy (usually called undescended testis). Signs and symptoms related to low testosterone levels include low sexual desire, weak erections and infertility, among others.

Sometimes one can have a normal development in childhood and early adulthood and then start having problems later in life. The causes and risk factors include injury to the male organ, obesity, HIV/AIDS and certain conditions that affect brain organs that place a role in male sexual function.

Let me ask you to see the doctor and find out what could be wrong. Your doctor may find something and may be able to refer you to the relevant doctors for help. Simple blood tests (measuring hormonal levels) may detect and identify your problem and replacement or treatment of the specific problem may help you.

Try and find out how your partner can assist you. In most cases relationships do well when there is good communication between the two parties. A love relationship or marriage is more than the size of the penis or sexual performance. Constant worry about these issues could lead you into using toxic products that can injure your liver or kidneys.
Get well.

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