Thursday, October 28, 2021

If you can’t find our ‘partner in crime’ let us out ÔÇô bail applicants

Extension II Court Magistrate Ntombizodwa Ncube will tomorrow rule on a bail application by four suspects appearing in a case of robbery on Township Rollers officials.

The case emanates from an incident on April 15 when the officials were allegedly attacked and robbed of about P200 000 in gate takings and other valuables by five people.

Four suspects ÔÇô Molefe Mogatusi, Jeffery Molefe, Sihlule Mzwiwala and George Arabang – were arrested while the fifth accomplice is still at large.

In court last Wednesday the four appeared for a bail hearing.

Investigating officer Elias Segokgo informed court that the fifth suspect was still at large and probably in South Africa which compromised investigations.

“The investigations are still continuing. I located the girlfriend of the suspect, Dikeledi Thathau, who informed me that she called him using South African telephone numbers,” he revealed, calling for another 14 days in remand to give him more time to find the person whom he fears would contact the co-suspects should they be granted bail thereby interfering with investigations and evidence.

When questioned by Mzwilawa, he conceded he did not know the “exact location of the suspect”.

“Do you think a person who has skipped the country avoiding arrest could hand himself over to the police?” asked Arabang, to which Segokgo responded: “I just hope and believe so.”

Arabang accused Segokgo of dilly-dallying over the case solely to let them languish in jail under the guise of “continuing investigations”, relying heavily on “hopes and beliefs”.

“During the last mention you said you were close to arresting the fifth accused and today you are saying something else to deny us freedom once again. Tell me Mr Segokgo, do you want us to rot in jail under your hopes?” he asked.

“Like I said earlier this will be the last chance and I will leave the matter to the court to take action,” Segokgo retorted.

The magistrate also asked whether the accused would hand himself over more so that he was suspected to be in South Africa.

“Do you think there is such a likelihood that he will surrender himself to the police?” the magistrate asked, before postponing the proceedings  momentarily, only to emerge some minutes later to proclaim that a ruling would be given tomorrow (Monday).

“It will be a final ruling over this matter for the accused persons to know their fate around their bail application … whether this court will allow them to apply to the High Court for bail or grant bail itself,” Ncube concluded.

Since the incident the four have been in jail pending investigations.


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