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IFSC launches a website for jobs

As part of its effort in promoting its mission, the Botswana IFSC has launched a ground breaking website aimed at assisting young graduates to find their footing in the corporate world following a growing interest from foreign investors looking for the right skilled personnel. As part of the upcoming Career Fair, slated for next weekend, the Botswana IFSC will formally launch the project. Here are questions and answers.


As the Botswana IFSC engages potential investors, many investors want to know whether Botswana has the correct combination of skills and work ethos to contribute to a business venture. In response to these issues, the Botswana IFSC created the Skills Readiness Initiative, which comprises: the career fair, the internship program, and now BotsJobs.com.
Botsjobs.com is an internet job portal that allows companies to access a range of qualified job seekers. Companies can search through the extensive and growing database of registered job seekers, or post jobs adverts that job seekers can respond to. In addition to connecting with potential employers, job seekers can also take advantage of valuable career guidance information. Botsjobs.com is wholly owned by Botswana IFSC.

Botsjobs.com is an evolution of the Botswana IFSC CV database. The Botswana CV Database was established in 2004 as a response to two emerging concerns. Firstly, international investors were skeptical about the existence of sufficient qualified financial professionals and trainable graduates. Concurrently, young Batswana job-seekers were struggling to communicate their abilities to potential employers. Over 400 job seekers registered on the CV Database in its first year; a number that has since grown to over 4200 users. These job seekers include over 1100 Finance and Accounting graduates; in excess of 900 Information Technology graduates; and more than 200 individuals with marketing qualifications.

On Monday September 24, 2007 these users will be transferred to the new improved Botsjobs.com portal that will offer improved functionality.


Functionality for Employers

Create and edit jobs online at any time.
Manage applicants for posted jobs.
Shortlist applicants
Schedule job interview appointments online
Search for CVs from registered users in the database
More cost effective and faster turnaround time than print media

Functionality for Jobseekers

Create and edit a personal profile / CV online
Search or apply for jobs posted online
Access wide range of career advisory services
Receive automatic confirmation of application status from companies
Free access


Botsjobs.com is designed to give the user value for money. Companies can access a variety of packages to use Botsjobs.com

Access to Botsjobs.com

To access Botsjobs.com, companies can sign a contract of 3, 6, or 12 months. This contract gives the company access to search the CV database at any time. In addition, the company can save CVs of desirable candidates in a Shopping Basket.

Length of Contract Total Price Monthly Price
3 months P1800.00 P600.00
6 months P3000.00 P500.00 (save P100/month)
12 months P4200.00 P350.00 (save P150/month)

Job Posts

If registered companies want to post jobs to access candidates who are specifically interested in working for them, then they can purchase job postings. Companies can pay at the end of every month for job postings that they have made so that they pay for only the services they actually use.

# of Postings in a month Price per Posting Saving
1 P450.00 N/A
2-5 P350.00 P100 per posting
6-10 P300.00 P150 per posting


Companies participating in the Career Fair will automatically be registered as users of Botsjobs.com. Other companies may register by contacting Botswana IFSC. To register, contact Botswana IFSC:

Kitso Lemo
Strategy and Research Executive
Botswana IFSC
P/Bag 0045
Botswana Telephone: 3605 000
[email protected]


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