Saturday, December 3, 2022

IFSC urges young graduates to register for Career Fair

The International Finance Services Center (IFSC) waged a concerted appeal last week urging graduates aiming to register for the upcoming Career Fair to do so before the cut-off date which has been set for July 31.

This is part a move part by the organization to give graduates practical working experience in the corporate world before they look for full time jobs.

IFSC said it will launch a blitz of adverts this week on radio stations and any other form of media to try to encourage graduates to register online. By Friday, the number of graduates who had posted their CVs online was around 100.

The Career Fair, which started in 2004, is part of the organization’s effort to close the gap between the academic and the corporate world.

“In engaging more and more with potential investors, the question of availability of sufficient and the right caliber of labour became pertinent.

Investors are not only curios about the choice of location of their investments but also ask interesting questions about the sufficiency of the labour force.

“They want to know whether the country has the right combination of skills and work ethos before they can make decisions to place their investments in a particular location,” IFSC said.

IFSC is a company modeled around Ireland or Luxemburg and is tasked with the responsibility of turning Botswana into Africa’s financial and ICT hub.

Companies registered through it can use Botswana as a launching pad to do business across the region and benefit from that by paying concessionary tax rate of 15 percent.

In the case of Botswana, however, a lot still needs to be done to get the country sign double taxation treaties with other countries to ensure that potential investors are not discouraged having to pay multiple taxes.

At last year’s Career Fair, there were 400 young graduates and unemployed professionals who attended and 16 companies which exhibited there. The fair is an opportunity for both graduates and exhibiting companies to meet and try to assess how to complement each other. This normally leads to internships in interested companies and the majority of candidates end up being given full time professional jobs.

The internship programme has been hailed by industry for molding graduates into future productive employees.

“Attendees had an opportunity to enquire about career prospects in the companies that participated and at the end of the Fair we were able to announce companies that had pledged to take on interns,” IFSC said about last year Career Fair.

This year’s Career Fair falls on September 23 and will be held at GICC. It is expected to set a positive tone among the young graduates.


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