Saturday, February 24, 2024

Important ministry of lands files missing

The Director in the Ministry of Lands and Housing Segomotso Maroba says files containing information on how the Ministry bought derelict offices that are currently housing the Department of Auditor General are missing. “I have been trying to find the files on the matter for weeks now but have so far failed to find them” Sources close the Department of Lands and Housing says that the defective building was bought from a local company for P8million.

A source told Sunday Standard that during the negotiations it was agreed that the seller will initially take only half of the amount and the rest after the defects in the building had been fixed. It is understood that the seller was however given all the money before the defects had been fixed. “We were all surprised by the decision to buy the building which had defects and as far as I am concerned it was the first time that such a decision was made”, said the source.

Meanwhile auditor general staff are expressing fear that their lives are in danger as they work in a building that has long been classified as uninhabitable. The Department’s Public Relations officer Tshepiso Jankome who said that they were equally concerned about their safety and that they have been office hunting since they were informed that the offices were uninhabitable.


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