Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Inaugural BMD congress gets under way next week

With only 11 days before Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD)’s first ever congress scheduled to take place in Gaborone from the 24th to 27th March, only 26 of the 57 constituencies have elected and submitted their delegates.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, BMD Interim Coordinator-National Mobilization, Kabo Morwaeng, said before the congress, all the 57 constituencies should have submitted names of the delegates.
He stated that all BMD members all over the country are expected to take part in historic inaugural congress.

According to Morwaeng, there are 27 positions of the National Executive Committee of the BMD, which should be filled during elections.

“We encourage each and every BMD member to show interest in the elections and everyone is entitled to stand for any position,” said Morwaeng.

He stated that the congress is expected to be held at Gaborone Secondary School as the city is accessible and also in consideration of accommodation around town.

He said their wish is to see all the 57 constituencies represented at the congress.
“In the history of BMD, it is a crucial congress and we strongly believe it will be successful,” said Morwaeng.

He stated that BMD objectives are to unite all the people of Botswana for the complete liberation of the country from all forms of discrimination and oppression. Ha added that its aim is to uphold good governance, the rule of law, human rights, civil liberties, transparency and accountability.
BMD positions to be contested for include the President of the party, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasure, Deputy Treasure, Deputy Secretary General, National Organizing Secretary and Director of Policy.

“We mobilize Batswana who share a common vision for the achievement of a pluralistic democratic society,” Morwaeng added.

BMD has also been welcoming to its ranks a lot of key members of certain political parties and other political veterans.

Currently, BMD is the leading opposition party and has six Members of Parliament.

University of Botswana Political Science Associate Professor and political analyst Zibani Maundeni said it is important for the party to have deliberations before the congress to iron out differences which the party has because of the fact that they come from different political parties. He stated that any political congress which has a lot of differences is not a good sign.
“Agreement on the basis of the congress should be met first and should clearly state if the congress should include elections or not,” said Maundeni.


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