Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Industrial Court building shows signs of structural defects

The Industrial Court building, barely one and a half years old, has structural defects which may render it inhabitable.

When the Sunday Standard visited the building, it found that the twin pillars at the entrance to the court had developed gaping cracks at their bases and discovered that someone has been trying to hide what was probably taken for hairline cracks with paint but the cracks are widening.

In what may be a costly sub-standard construction work of a building, which cost the government P54 million, employees at the court say the roofing of the building leaks.

Engineers at the Department of Engineering and Building Services were not immediately available for comment by press time.

Likewise, Tectura International, the company that was in charge of the construction of the building, did not return our numerous calls.

Since the building was occupied in December 2009, there seems to be no plans to officially open it.
“No decision has been made as to whether or not we will officially open the building,” says the Principal Public Relations Officer, Ishmael Mooki.


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