Thursday, April 25, 2024

Investigations on the suspended BFA CEO to be handed over to authorities

The president of the Botswana Football Association, David Fani, said the national executive committee will hand over to relevant authorities the case involving allegations of match fixing during an international friendly between Botswana and China played on September 30, 2009.

The national executive committee is said to have sought assistance from the association’s external auditors.
Fani said that the auditors were willing to assist but their advice was that, because of the nature of the allegations, the committee should proceed by way of a judicial inquiry under which the investigators would have statutory powers to obtain access to bank accounts, relevant documentation and subpoena individuals to testify and respond to questions.
However, the whole process was to cost the BFA between P750 000 and P1 200 000. Due to that, the committee was unsuccessful in their efforts to obtain financial assistance.

Despite the offer from external auditors, the national committee said that it had competently obtained adequate information for administrative purposes, to proceed with the matter and bring it to finality. During the course of investigations, the national executive committee advised that Kgotlele be suspended from duty.
Fani never mentioned the names of the authorities but said that they have a contract with authorities and the government.

“It might be an agency not individuals,” he said.
However, the investigations are still ongoing according to Fani who said he could not talk in detail about the matter.

“We wish to request that the sensitivity of the fact be respected and that we be given the opportunity to complete our investigation upon which we will provide a full report,” he said.


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