Monday, October 3, 2022


Guy: You must be an alien!
Girl: Why?
Guy: It’s my first time to see such a creature on Earth!

Guy: Girl you driving me crazy, hope you have a driver’s license.

Guy: Could you give me your number so that I call you later
Girl: I don’t have a cell phone
Guy: Ok then give your box number or the nearest public phone number in your village.

Considering that the 3 scenarios above happened and, after sometime, the pairs became “items”, would you say it’s the pick up line, their feelings for each other or it’s the timeframe?

That’s a tough one for me to pull apart, so I walked the dusty streets of Thamaga and got my first answers from some guys at a familiar drinking spot called Limkokwing.

What these guys told me is that o tshwanetse wa itse kgang; basically meaning that one should be sure of their facts. In other words, they opted for A (the pick up line) that is a guy should have a hectic line and work on convincing the lady!

But is it true? Does someone’s feelings develop because of what you said, come on!
You can have feelings for a guy so much that you can say YES before he could even ask you. So let’s put a hold to that one.

If you think interesting things are only heard at drinking areas or social gatherings, you are in for a treat.

I met up with a few of my girls who attend different tertiaries around the capital. To them, it is the feelings, babe, and nothing else. You have to dig the guy for you to be an item. If you dig the guy/girl, go for it! They don’t have to do anything but go with the flow, after all talking is old age!
Phew! That’s hectic!

On the contrary, for those who have seen the world more than us, it’s all about time. “Take time to know her.” These words are not mine but from a popular song, through Kegakilwe.

According to the older generation, you have to know much about the other, family background (particularly financially), his/her company etc.
Friends, all three parties are very much convincing but, from me to you, choose that which works for you and not your groupies.


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