Sunday, March 3, 2024

Is Masisi cleansing the police service?

The Office of the President is reportedly redeploying top officers at the Botswana Police Service (BPS) to other government departments, a move seen by some as a major shake-up at the law enforcement agency.

This week it emerged that one of the deputy police commissioners has since been redeployed to Botswana Public Service College. Information passed to the The Telegraph suggest that Deputy Police Commissioner – David Mosetse (non-uniform) responsible for crime intelligence has been redeployed to the Public Service College – a transfer seen as a demotion at the government enclave corridors.

It is reported that Permanent Secretary to the President Elias Magosi allegedly summoned Mosetse to his office where he slapped him with a deployment letter.

A source within the government enclave said this week that Mosetse was expected to report at his new station by the beginning of this month, “But there were some contractual issues that needed to be ironed out by the employer before he starts his new job”. 

Though it remains unclear what might have triggered the transfer, suspicion is rife that he is one of the remnants of civil servants loyal to former President Khama who are not amenable to the new administration.

It is also reported that there are now two vacant deputy police commissioner positions which are expected to be filled in the next three months.

Initially there were three deputies being Tapudzani Gabolekwe, who already retired about two months ago, Dinah Marathe and Mosetse who is on his way out from the service.

Contacted for comment police spokesperson Depheko Motube said he is not aware of the transfer.

“I am not aware of any transfer,” said. Motube.

During the Khama presidency Mosetse was allegedly eyed to head the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) but his name was reversed at the eleventh hour.

Sometime around June 2014 Mosetse was picked by the Office of the President to head “Operation Save Kgosi”.

Operation Save Kgosi was an official obstruction into the DCEC investigations against Kgosi. However, two deputies were also transferred under suspicious circumstances.

First was Kenny Kapinga who was expected to succeed Thebeyame Tsimako and was later transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation and was appointed Botswana High Commissioner to South Africa before joining politics.

Ikwatlhaeng Bagopi was also transferred to run the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs as Permanent Secretary by then.


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