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Is she the one?

Dear Doctor,

I am 50 years old and I need help. I have remarried lately but I need a child. My wife and I have been trying to conceive for more than two years but we are failing. I have children from my previous marriage and she has none but she is 36 years of age. Can she be having a problem?

Marvin, Gaborone

Dr Ntwaagae Answers

Marvin, the best thing to do is to consider this a problem for the two of you. It’s too early to point a finger at either of you. The causes of failure to conceive over a significant time that exceed one year is called infertility but it can affect either of you. In the past, women were blamed for not bearing children but now we know that the male partner can have limiting factors.

The fact that you have children from the previous marriage does not guarantee that you are fertile. You need proper work up that includes semen analysis to check for the presence of sperm (male seed), the count, the health status of the sperm, and presence of any other problem such as infection or special chemicals that destroy the sperms. Although many men are uncomfortable with this test, it is very important. Your doctor will explain to you the procedure. Some additional tests include testosterone and special investigations such as ultrasound which could aid in identifying the cause.

Let me suggest that you take your partner along with you. She will be physically examined, and special investigations will be conducted. These include special x rays, scans and some blood tests.
The causes of infertility are usually picked up and where possible doctors can help.

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