Sunday, March 3, 2024

Israel’s Pic2Go reaches Botswana shores

Pic2Go, the leading digital social networking platform in the world, has arrived in the local shores through a locally incorporated company ÔÇô Pic2Go (PTY) Ltd.

The international company enters the Botswana market with its innovative proposal to share customer experiences with brands on social networks.

This week, partners at Pic2Go Botswana, Batho Motlhake and Oaitse Chamme announced to a group of journalists in the capital Gaborone that, “Our company, Pic2Go (Pty) Ltd, incorporated in Botswana has signed an exclusive agreement to launch and distribute the PIC2GO technology in the Botswana territory”.

According to the pair, Pic2Go is a digital platform that allows companies and brands to share the customer experience from their own Facebook profiles, generating engagement with the customer and the brand, and organically viralize the experience of each client and position the brand in each photo posted on social networks.

“For brands, event sponsors and organisers, PIC2GO patented technology boosts event sponsorship by letting participants instantly share their branded event photos and videos to Facebook ÔÇô driving a huge reach, social engagement  and fans acquisition for the event organiser and the sponsor”, said Chamme on Friday.

Pic2Go was founded in Israel offering to “share an experience in the networks of customers automatically”, where participants of an event interact in real time and for free through a photo album on Facebook.

In Botswana, the Pic2Go technology is expected to work for corporate events ÔÇô both internal and external customers, concerts, as well as sporting events through the publication of photos.

Currently, Pic2Go operates in 40 countries around the world and has been operating for more than 10 years worldwide, under experiences with major brands from different economic sectors such as telecommunications, food and beverages, financial services, technology, sports, among others.

Motlhake says the arrival of PIC2GO technology in Botswana means, “photography, and experience sharing for events will never be the same”.


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