Thursday, February 29, 2024

JCI Botswana to market nation in Morocco

As Botswana anticipates an outstanding 2013 African and Middle East Conference, Junior Chamber International Botswana is embarking on a drive to market the country in preparation for the upcoming conference.

“We are attending the conference in Morocco from May 23-26-2012 to market the business aspect of Botswana, investment opportunities, exchange and tourism,” said Ngwatshi Enyatseeng, the National Director for JCI Botswana.

It is set to host its sister organizations in 2013 at a conference to be held in Gaborone.

Enyatseeng said 2012 will be filled with activities within and outside Botswana to market the country. The economic developments in the country had made it conducive for hosting international event.

The conference is expected to avail an opportunity for young people to deliberate on global issues, such as contribution towards the UN Millennium Development Goals, UN Global Compact, and Climate Change,” she said.

Botswana has never hosted this event before and having it organized in Gaborone will be a great opportunity for young people in Botswana and the SADC region in general to benefit from JCI programmes.

About 700 young leaders and entrepreneurs are expected mainly from the African and Middle Eastern region. “International forum allows you to find solutions to regional problems and discuss how they can develop, improve and create positive change,” she said.

She added that the 2013 Conference will be aimed at providing an abundance of development opportunities to JCI members and young people in general, for them to be empowered to go back to their communities and create more positive change. ??Enyatseng said the conference has a great opportunity to contribute tremendously to Botswana’s Tourism Industry, marketing the Botswana Brand and creating opportunities for Foreign Direct Investment. ??“People from across the world will attend this conference giving Botswana an opportunity to sell itself,” she said. ??She added that youths should find out more about this upcoming conference and be able to network with other young entrepreneurs from the region as well as market their products.


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