Sunday, March 3, 2024

JCI empowers and recognises young people’s efforts

This past weekend non government organization, Junior Chambers International (JCI) Botswana, held a day of empowering the youth, recognising those who have had positive impact on the community.

The day began with a business forum and ended with a dinner to recognise the work done by young people of Botswana.

The day began with JCI Botswana playing host to their annual business forum where they analysed Botswana’s economy, bank mortgages, property investment, amongst others.

The forum tried to help those looking to build networks and sharpen their business acumen.

The speakers at the forum argued that high prices do little to cater for Batswana. They noted that whilst prices have shot since 2003 they are still those that are willing to pay and this is emphasized by the new office blocks and shopping malls in various regions across the country.

Later in the evening, JCI Botswana held its first ever Ten Outstanding Young People ceremony to honour the work of seven young people in Botswana for helping to contribute positively to their community through various fields.

One of the honorary guests, councilor Ndiwaani Kenosi, said the initiative was useful and said he hoped it received the full backing of government.

“This is the first time I am here and hearing of JCI but I am hoping it is receiving government support. Initiatives like this are useful,” he said.

The ceremony looked to pay tribute to young persons between the age of 18-40 who have shown outstanding ability to help others or promote better lives.
One of JCI Botswana’s aims is to get more and more people active in various projects that benefit a community.

One of the nominees, Theriso Motsemang, commented on the abuse that little girls receive from their stepfathers or their mothers’ boyfriends and encouraged those in attendance to pay respect to some of the victims they encounter.

The nominees will be hoping to be recognised internationally during the top ten JCI award ceremony in Brussels, Belgium, in November this year.


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