Thursday, February 29, 2024

JCI to commemorate Active Citizenship Day

Junior Chamber International is set to commemorate ‘Active Citizenship Day’ on the 11th December, a day that has always been recognized as JCI Day.

This development follows motion that was reached during the JCI General Assembly at the JCI World Congress held in Osaka, Japan, in November 2010, to have this day re-designated as “Active Citizenship Day”.

JCI Botswana supported the motion and has since adopted it here.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, JCI President, Malaki Kereditse, said it is against this background that JCI Botswana, along with all the 114 JCI countries, will be commemorating JCI Active Citizenship day.

“On this day, JCI members all over the world will be coming together with members of their communities to commemorate this day,” he said.

Keereditse said Active Citizenship refers to the voluntary capacity of citizens and communities working directly together or through elected representatives to exercise economic, social or political power in pursuit of shared goals.

He highlighted that much of the fabric of today’s modern society was developed by the initiative of the volunteerism movement in education, health, sport, trade unions, political parties, religious groups, NGO’s, and community groups.

“Much of the social reform enjoyed by us today was promoted by voluntary groups and it is the responsibility of any individual to join an activity or group that is working to improve its community or tackle some national or international issues,” he said.

Keereditse said JCI encourages businesses to develop a formal Corporate Social Investment Program, adding that they should also allow staff to join various organizations such as JCI that are promoting active citizenship.

“The institutions of democracy, the market, the State, civil society as a whole cannot operate in a sustainable way without the practice of civic virtue and without the active participation of citizens in the community,” he said.

He said a successful society depends on a partnership with citizens, civil society, unions, business, and elected representatives. As such, JCI Botswana with members from Jwaneng, Gaborone and Francistown, will be commemorating JCI Active Citizenship day in Francistown on the 11th December 2010.

In Francistown, the event will begin with a walk up Nyangabwe Hill, followed by a Christmas party for the children admitted at Nyangabwe Hospital.

JCI Botswana invites the community of Francistown to support this initiative by participating in the walk and donating presents to the Children of Nyangabwe Hospital.

Companies are also encouraged to donate presents.

JCI Francistown is affiliated to JCI Botswana, which is part of a worldwide network of nearly a quarter of a million members ÔÇô young leaders in their 20s and 30s ÔÇô in over one hundred countries and territories.

Through various local, national and international projects and events, JCI members meet, learn and grow.

JCI promotes young leaders and entrepreneurs working together to develop themselves, their communities and the world.


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