Tuesday, December 5, 2023

JTC ventures into business

In a bid to generate income for its operations, Jwaneng Town Council has identified three projects that the Council wants to undertake in partnership with the private sector following the new Local Government, Act which allows Councils to venture into business.

Bick Kolante, the Council Clerk, said that top on the list is sending out requests for private business people who are willing to go into partnership with them and set up a truck lot where the truck drivers could be accommodated over night and restaurants where they could buy food.

Kolante said that as they are located along the Trans Kgalagadi highway, which is used for transportation of goods by trucks going to countries such as Namibia, in the western part of Botswana, they also intend to fund private business people who could go into partnership with them to operate an amusement park on a commercial basis. He indicated that the park has a restaurant, a swimming pool as well as traditional huts that can be used for accommodation.

Apart from the two, Kolante said that they also intend to lease out their stadium, which, amongst other things, has Olympic size swimming pool to the Botswana National Sports Council. He explained that all these are projects that they intend to start as soon as possible and that they intend to continue looking for other business ventures that the Council can go into to generate income.

Kolante said that a visit to Zambia’s Livingstone Town he had been an eye opener to them in as far as Councils’ ability to generate their own income.

He added that The Council has several income generating projects.


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