Saturday, May 25, 2024

Judge will not comment on misconduct allegations of fellow judge

Acting Chief Justice Abedinico Tafa has stated that the Administration of Justice will not make any public pronouncements regarding allegations of misconduct against Court of Appeal Judge Dr Seth Twum.

“It is a matter for the Judicial Services Commission….the Administration of Justice will not be doing Justice to speak on behalf of the JSC,” he said.

Judge Twum displeased a Gaborone-based lawyer, Busang Manewe, last week after he asked in open court whether he (Manewe) had ever committed rape before.

Manewe was at the time challenging the sentence of a rape convict.

Tafa’s response came as a result of an enquiry by The Telegraph on whether the complaint had already been placed before the Judicial Service Commission.

The relevance of the question on the appeal remains a matter of speculation.

Tafa said that, as Acting Chief Justice, he had not been briefed about the complaint but only read about it in the media.

The Judge stressed that if a complaint had indeed been filed, it would have been filed through the Secretary of the Judicial Service Commission, Godfrey Nthomiwa.

Manewe wants Twum removed from office as a judge of the Court of Appeal.


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