Sunday, May 26, 2024

Judgment expected on murder case

Lobatse High Court judge, Michael Leburu, is on Thursday scheduled to pass judgment in an extraordinary murder case in which Agisanyang Motukwa is facing charges of having enlisted three of his friends to murder his father for insurance cover money.

At the close of the prosecution case, principal prosecutor, Rahimana Khan, urged Leburu to find three accused persons guilty of murder as the state has proved its case beyond doubt.

He submitted that the compelling evidence was made by Modise Sekai, an accomplice witness who told the Court that they had been approached by the first accused, Agisanyang Motukwa, who asked them to go and help him kill his father on promise that he will pay them P5,000 each after insurance had paid out.

This he submitted proves the state case beyond reasonable doubt. Besides the evidence of the accomplice witness, he submitted that there was also the evidence of a traditional doctor whom he said had also told the Court that he was approached by Agisanyang who confessed to him that he had murdered his father with his friends and asked him to make it difficult for the police to trace the murder to them with his medicines.

The deceased’s clothes he submitted were during the investigations found at the traditional doctor’s place which he submitted proves that Agisanyang had indeed consulted the traditional doctor.

Defence lawyers comprising of Moses Kadye and Mthimkulu Dumizeni on the other hand prayed that their clients be acquitted and dismissed from the charges as forensic pathologist’s evidence did not fully establish whether or not the deceased’s death was a result of strangulation as the alleges or through natural death.

The deceased‘s body was apparently buried without post mortem having been conducted on it and exhumed three days later after suspicion arose on the death.


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