Monday, November 28, 2022

Justice Kirby assassination plot probe complete

Botswana police confirmed this week that their counterparts in South Africa have wrapped up investigations on the alleged plot to assassinate Lobatse High Court Judge Ian Kirby.

The Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Wilmon Karahindi, has confirmed that investigations are complete and the docket has been forwarded to the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) in South Africa.

He said they are still awaiting a decision by the NPA on whether to go ahead with the prosecution or to drop the case.

“I cannot go into the details of the case otherwise I will be discussing evidence that might be used in court,” Karihindi told Sunday Standard.

Karihindi would also not disclose the identity of the suspects saying he was still awaiting a full brief from South Africa. He explained that the South African police are the ones who received the tip off and initiated the investigations and that the Botswana Police were only brought in to help as the investigations stretched into Botswana.

Karihindi said most of the investigations were done in South Africa where the alleged assassination plot was hatched.

Meanwhile, Justice Kirby will continue receiving 24 hour protection.


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