Saturday, May 25, 2024

Jwaneng Cut 8 Project extends hand to improve schools

Despite the recession, the Jwaneng Mine Cut 8 Project, and through its contractors, last Tuesday handed over 2 projects it had undertaken with its business partners in a bid to contribute to the Jwaneng community development.

The projects were a toilet upgrade and the building of a pavement at the Morama Junior and Dinonyane Primary schools, respectively.

Officiating at the handover, the Mayor of the town, Bankinyana Montsiemang, acknowledged the mine Cut 8 Flagship project saying that he applauded the progress made on its expansion as well as some of its community projects that have either been completed or are still ongoing.

“The upgrade of Morama toilet facilities will go a long way in improving children’s welfare. One of the many challenges facing the schools is shortage of such facilities; as such, this contribution by Cut 8 and business partner, Jet Demolition, has to be applauded,” said Montsiemang.

The Morama project entailed a remodeling of a toilet block that has not been used for 6 years as they had been blocked by roots of the Eucalyptus trees. The old pipes were replaced with new concrete ones, the manholes were rebuilt, the toilet seats as well as cisterns were replaced and the roofing and taps were also upgraded. The school benefited from some furniture repairs in the form of desks, tables and benches.

Meanwhile, the Cut 8 Project also involved Kalkon in the erection of a pavement at the Dinonyane Primary school. This was to the benefit of pupils who use wheelchairs.
Monsiemang noted that already four students at the primary school will benefit from the paving.

“I hope the facilities will contribute meaningfully to the improvement and advancement of education in these schools. The importance of education to the nation’s future cannot be over emphasized in this high tech and information age we live in,” said the mayor, adding that the facilities should help to build stronger community support and partnerships between the mine, business partners, the Town Council and the community.

The Morama CJSS School Head, Brian Nnoi, said the maintenance of the block of 8 toilets is a great relief as students used to crowd for the ones available while others opted to use bushes within the school area.

He said that undertaking the projects proves that the Jwaneng Mine has community developments in their mandate.

Ignatius Maunge of Debswana Jwaneng Mine said that the Cut 8 project will run for only a year and companies involved in the Project execution have since felt it compelling that it leaves behind a tangible legacy to be felt by the Jwaneng community and surrounding settlements.

“Various thoughts and initiatives are being looked into as a way of fulfilling this legacy, we are currently concentrating on rehabilitating utility infrastructure at schools in Jwaneng,” Maunge said.
He also said that the Cut 8 Project has also visited the Kgosimpe School in Jwaneng and are looking into a proposal to turn its kitchen from wood to a gas fired facility.

The Cut 8 Project, together with its partners, have so far imprinted its mark by donating a package of P52 000 to Jwaneng Fighters Football Club, blankets worth more than P10 000 to destitute families in Betesankwe, and sponsoring a football tournament to the tune of P40 000.


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