Friday, December 3, 2021

Jwaneng Galaxy players get schooled on good character

The Jwaneng Galaxy club team engagement which was held on Friday 19th was just what the doctor ordered as Chief Medical officer at Jwaneng Hospital Dr Mwamba Nsebula grilled the team on how to keep fit physically and mentally.

“The most important member of the team is you. Take good care of yourselves as players because you can be instrumental in the positions you hold in the team. Physical and mental fitness is crucial in securing the championships,” said Dr Nsebula.

Apart from being cautioned to be careful and cautious of HIV/AIDS, the players were encouraged to be diligent in whom they deal with as they represent a prestigious club.

For his part Debswana Jwaneng Mine Assistant General Manager, Koolatotse Koolatotse urged the players to continue being disciplined and to conduct themselves in a good manner since football is a career that brings food on the table.

Kgosana Masaseng of the Football Union Botswana focused on the player’s advocacy and image indicating that they are brand ambassadors of the team and their behaviour and performance on its own clinches endorsement deals.

“The way players carry themselves in public can make or break their future. Your behaviour has an impact on the brand of the entire organization,” said Masaseng.

In his conclusion Masaseng noted that players should be role models in their communities and encourage the younger ones to live positive lives.

Coach Miguel Da Costa who just joined the team made mention that football is a passion that all members of the team should possess and they have to make sacrifices to ensure its success. He also said learning football is a never ending quest and class is always in session.


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