Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kabo and Tshepo to release their international pop duet album

After a gruelling televised competition earlier this year, during what was Botswana’s well-received answer to Pop Idols, winner Tshepo Dikomang and runner up, Kabo Matlho, are soon to release a duet single titled You’re Everything, from an album published by Popstars Botswana that will be marketed and distributed by EMI Records.

The single is taken from what will be a ten track duet album by the two singers. It comprises of one more duet and four tracks from each singer. All the music was composed by Keabetswe ‘Master D’ Sesinyi, who is Popstars Botswana’s founder and Kabo and Tshepo contributed lyrics to some of the compositions, a task that is endeavoured during the Popstars Botswana contest, where contestants write their own music.

Master D, the duet album producer, told the listening party comprising of various media houses that Popstars had decided on releasing the two singers in a duet album to maximise on media coverage for both artists.

Master D was questioned whether a trip to London was warranted, when he did all the music production himself, to which he answered, “It was for the purpose of them observing international musicians.” Kabo confirmed that they had indeed witnessed dancehall performers, Buju Banton and Beanie Man in the studio.
He said after the duet album, the singers would, within a period of their three-year contract, each record two solo albums. Master D made sure to clarify that what was being listened to at the gathering was not the final album but a copy of the album.

He said any day soon, Batswana will hear You’re Everything getting airplay. The musical direction Tshepo and Kabo are steered towards is international pop.

“Batswana like international music,” Tshepo said, “and this is an opportunity for them to have their own musicians performing music.” The singers reckon the youth will appreciate their music most.


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