Saturday, May 18, 2024

KCS discount booklet to attract more members

The Kalahari Conservation Society says the launch of the KCS Members’ Discount Booklet (KMDB) will provide potential for substantial membership growth.
KCS noted this in light of the latest international trends and thinking on critical environmental issues, such as mainstreaming biodiversity.
Chief Executive Officer, Felix Monggae, said the KMDB membership drive brainchild is spearheaded by Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Expert Sophia Walter, through exciting membership wooing promotions such as the free breakfast braai.
During the launch of the Discount Booklet in Gaborone, the CEO said as part of the KCS current membership drive, 35 outlets who include safari operators, hotels and shops will give members who produce valid membership cards and the Discount Booklet will receive cash discounts when making purchases.
Likewise, KCS is also offering 50 percent membership subscription fees across the spectrum from October 1 to December 31, 2013. A growing and consistent KCS membership could help promote discussion and develop ideas and information on local topical environmental policies.
“To celebrate the launch of the KCS Members’ Discount Booklet and show appreciation to the conservationists of Botswana, KCS hosted an event at the Gaborone Game Reserve on Saturday, September 14. Walter’s promotional gambit and strategy were based on KCS’ embarking on corporate social responsibility (CSR) of giving back to members part of the revenues they contribute,” he said.
“Apart from the immediate satisfaction of contributing to the conservation of Botswana’s precious environment, members will also receive KCS quarterly newsletter, enjoy the Society’s video and book library and entitlement to reduced prices on KCS promotional items.”
Monggae added that attracting a sizeable membership is not easy in countries like Botswana where the benefits of environmental conservation have become evident. However, research has shown that communities exposed to extreme cases of environmental degradation respond more readily to membership drives.
The KCS PR Chairperson Pedzani Tafa complimentary entry and free breakfast braai was a strategy to attract current and potential members to the latest benefit, the KCS Members’ Discount Booklet. Membership fees provide invaluable funding for administration and projects for environmental conservation. This is why Botswana is referred to as one of the world’s environment conservation beacons, due to best practices.
Tafa, who is also Standard Chartered Southern Africa Cluster Head Service Delivery and Re-engineering and Consumer Banking, challenged the 35 business venture in KCS’ support network to apply for KCS corporate membership and boost revenues.
The KCS Vice Chairman as well as Finance and Management Committee Chairman, Bruce Blewet, said the proposal to increase membership from the current 5 000 to 50 000 would enable successful of Community Based Resource Management (CBNRM) projects in line with Botswana’s National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (BNSAP) revised in 2007.
Blewet, who is also i-Com Managing Directo,r said KCS would also conduct its membership drive internationally to increase its footprint abroad.


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