Tuesday, July 16, 2024

KDC launches Management System

The Kweneng District Council (KDC) last Monday became the first municipal government to launch its Quality Management System (QMS) in Botswana. In fact, the district is the second one with such initiative in Africa, after another one in Tanzania, which is also not yet certificated.

Altogether 76 procedures of the council have already been documented and the process is on-going until, if things go well, the Botswana Bureau of Standards grants them certificate for their ISO 9001/08 in August 2013.

Giving a keynote address during the event to mark the launch, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (Reforms), Taboka Nkhwa, said as the country is facing challenges in relation to project implementation, it should be known that without strategies tackling challenges would not be easy.

Commending the District council for the ‘major milestone’ it has embarked on, Nkhwa said the launch, conducted the same day with the opening of the forth session of the ordinary full council meeting themed, ‘towards excellence in service delivery’ was a timely reminder for deliverance of quality results.

“We are living in a global village and therefore cannot stay still or be spectators but should partake in global activities,” she said. “This is where we can play our part in the global village. KDC has set a pace for all local authorities. Anything that can bring good results is desirable. Results do not just come from nowhere.”

Apparently, a delegation had travelled to Mexico and Europe, bench marking for this endeavour. Therefore, the council is known internationally and this has popularised the country.

She further advised council management that the council should deliver timely and transparently and that there should be equity of services, without favouritism or even nepotism. That Kweneng district is broad with many landscapes, varying human needs in varying areas.
“We have proof that our aim is to take services to the people. QMS is meant to enable standard of quality and quality is about customer satisfaction. It is always important to audit to find out if work is still being done properly,” she said, adding that the council should continuously seek improvement.

All non-conformity, she said, should be reported. She also advised that no organization is an island and that, as documentation is done in the council, it was their wish that it would not just be closed in the council. It is their wish that after documenting was successfully done internally, they could then approach the District office and later the central government.

To the Council Secretary, he advised that there should be staff support. Issues of none-compliance for instance, she said, might be expected as this is a new system. So, where none compliance is due to lack of understanding, the management should exercise patience. Where it is due to poor attitude steps should be taken prudently.


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