Friday, March 31, 2023

Kemoeng aims to improve Zebras ranking as he assumes BFA top post

The newly appointed Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kitso Kemoeng says improving the rankings of the Zebras is at the top of his agenda. Delivering his maiden speech as the new BFA CEO, Kemoeng said improving the fortunes of the national teams will be given a priority during his tenure as Botswana’s football chief.

“This will not be achieved in one day. It is going to take meaningful and well-resourced programmes to generate a future generation of star players who will catapult our national team,” Kemoeng said.

Known for having been a driving force behind the country’s development programmes such as ‘Re Ba Bona Ha’ during his tenure at the helm of Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC), Kemoeng outlined that his plan will be achieved by having proper structures to sustain long term success. As part of his strategy to improve the national team’s fortunes, Kemoeng said emphasis will be on upping development initiatives, projects and programmes.

“For a successful national team, there should be deliberate and well executed development structures, adequate to support the national team and sustain its performance,” he said.

As such, said Kemoeng, there is need for the association to look closely at how it can benefit from existing structures such as ‘Re Ba Bona Ha.’ Aside from the programme, the incoming CEO said he will resuscitate other initiatives like the school holiday camp that was held in Jwaneng, the Chappies little league and others in a bid to lay a solid foundation for football.

“We must also set up youth or junior leagues to close gaps in the competition structures. We can’t compete at a high level without solid support structures. We need a deep introspection in this area. This is going to be my area of focus, well mindful of the fact that some of the decisions might call for a change of policy, for which we would depend on our football politicians. I appeal to them in advance to do what is good for Botswana football in the long term. Focusing resources at the top, when the supporting structures are non-existent is tantamount to waste,” the new BFA CEO said.

Kemoeng said he will also advocate for development of a football academy. “I am not saying I will build a football academy. What I am saying is I will make a case for such and initiate a concept for it to exist. We need to have an institution where our talent can be nurtured,” he said.

He also called for support from all stakeholders, saying any success will need support, attention and concerted effort. “Please support me in my new challenge of turning the fortunes of Botswana football around. It will not be easy, and it will not take a short time. With a clear road map, resources and support, we can make it. Our football has the potential to be up there with the best in the continent. But first we have to get our systems right, conquer the region, before we rightfully take our position against the best in Africa. Then we can dream beyond that,” said Kemoeng.


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