Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kemoeng might just be what the doctor ordered for BFA

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at Botswana Football Association (BFA) has over the years failed to attract the right caliber of people who are cognisant with the needs of the local game. Keith Masters is a recent example of some of the people who have failed to stand the test of time at the helm.

Despite the high expectations which came with his appointment, Masters never settled in Botswana football and it did not come as a surprise when his contract was terminated in March. When the post once again fell vacant, the embattled BFA led by Tebogo Sebego was faced with a task of finding a reputable candidate who would change the fortunes of the association around. When it was announced that the flamboyant Kitso Kemoeng is the new CEO, for the first time BFA has been commended for a job well done. Though they are reports that Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) were not consulted and are not amused with Kemoeng’s appointment, the ball now lies in Kemoeng’s court. He has to prove that his appointment was worthwhile and must not disappoint those who have shown confidence in his abilities.

According to experts, Kemoeng’s three year contract is sufficient for him to prove his mettle. Unlike his predecessors, Kemoeng is seen as the right man who will lead Botswana football to the Promised Land because he understands “our needs”.┬áWhen he walked into Lekidi Football Centre Auditorium full of local scribes last Monday afternoon, Kemoeng once again showed off the same confidence which has won him the hearts of many people in the sporting fraternity.

When he was given a chance to give his keynote address, the man commonly known as “KK” did not mix his words. “You wanted to appoint a competent CEO, who is able to provide overall leadership, stewardship and vision to the BFA. I believe you have found one because I have all the attributes you listed in the advert having served in a similar position at the Botswana National Sports Council for nine years. I’ve also developed external experience as a consultant. Although it is not going to be all about me, I will through my team generate a lot of ideas for yourselves as our principals that should take Botswana football to the next level,” said Kemoeng.

Except for Thabo ‘Stiles’ Ntshinogang who was at the helm between August 2004 and September 2007, BFA has failed to attract candidates who managed to see the end of their contract. All of them have given lots of excuses for their failure mainly lack of support from their principals. When quizzed if he will be able to reach the ‘finishing line’, Kemoeng responded; “The difference with us is that football is my passion, it’s a calling. I’ve come not to walk out; I’ve come with full conviction.” For his part, Ntshinogang said that he has confidence in Kemoeng’s abilities. He pointed out that the former BNSC chief executive officer loves the beautiful game. “Football is in his veins. I say that because he has been involved in football at different levels. He coached at club level and he had a football project at Old Naledi (Gaborone township) which he funded from his pocket. He was the brain child of Re Ba Bona Ha (sports developmental project) while at BNSC,” said Ntshinogang.

He also said that the fact Kemoeng knows football politics puts him in a better position to succeed.┬áRadio Botswana sports presenter Tiroyaone Lepotokisi said that for Kemoeng to thrive at the association, he needs to be given full support by his superiors. He pointed out that there is no doubt about Kemoeng’s passion for the beautiful game because he has served in different committees of BFA since leaving the BNSC in November 2011.

“He understands both the administrative and technical aspects of the game but he needs to be supported. He is a workaholic whom I believe will benefit our game in the next three years,” said Lepotokisi.
Central South region chairman Kaizer Sekaba applauded the BFA for the ‘best decision ever’.┬áHaving worked under Kemoeng at BNSC in the past, Sekaba said that Kemoeng is one of the best administrators in the country. “He is the kind of CEO we’ve long waited for in Botswana football. He is a very strong character but he needs to be supported by all the stakeholders,” he said. Sekaba’s sentiments were echoed by Kgatleng region chairman Clifford Mogomotsi.

“Kemoeng is among the best administrators in the country and I don’t have any qualms with him. Ever since he left BNSC, he was never lost to Botswana sports which goes to show that he is passionate. Fortunately, he is abreast with what needs to be improved in Botswana football. As a region, we’re expecting a lot from him and we’ll give him our full support,” said Mogomotsi.


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