Sunday, May 29, 2022

Kgafela escapes into thin air to jump custody

Mystery surrounds circumstances under which Kgosi Kgafela escaped police security after Regional Magistrate Barnabas Nyamadzabo had ordered that he be remanded in custody.

There was drama outside the court as police officers failed to take the young Kgosi and his co-accused into custody as had been ordered by the Magistrate.

Together with his younger brother, Mmusi and a group of Bakgatla tribesmen who face criminal charges, Kgafela escaped the heavy police presence outside the Village Magistrate Court.
Nyamadzabo had Wednesday morning ruled that the accused should be remanded in prison for fourteen days pending trial.

The accused were also scheduled to later reappear before the court for plea taking in the afternoon session, but when the court sat in the afternoon the accused were no where to be found.
When the court resumed only Kgafela’s deputy, Bana Sekai was in the dock.

It was then that the court learnt that Kgafela had never been arrested to start with.
Kgafela’s lawyer, Unity Dow told the court that she also did not know where her clients were.
Dow said the accused had promised her over the phone that they were on their way to the court.
But they never arrived.

A police officer who was in charge told the court that the accused escaped after a commotion outside the court made it impossible for the officers to control the situation.

Inspector Moses Makgoeng said he knew the accused were supposed to be remanded, “but because they mingled with the public it was difficult to arrest them,” he later told the court as prosecution demanded answers.

Some eye witnesses said they saw Kgafela and his younger brother being whisked away by a truck that had been parked outside the court.

A massive manhunt is currently underway, with police helicopters hovering over the Kgatleng district.


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