Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Kgafela II vows to stop factionalism among Bakgatla

The newly inaugurated paramount chief of Bakgatla tribe, Kgosi Kgafela II, who was sworn in a week ago, says he will strive to bring peace between warring factions among his tribe in Moruleng, South Africa.
Speaking to The Sunday Standard, Kgosi Kgafela II said, “I love peace and I want my tribe to leave peacefully.”
He said he will do what it takes to stop factionalism that prevails in Moruleng.

“I assure you that I will succeed to bring peace in Moruleng,” said Kgafela.
He said that although Kgosi Nnyalala Pilane has been found guilty, major consultations had already taken place.
He said he hoped that before November this year, a decision will have been reached.
Nnyalala will be sentenced sometime in November on over 40 corruption counts that he was charged with.

During his investigation by the National Prosecution Authority, some factions emerged, some calling for him to step down while others said he should continue with his tribal duties.
Before the death of Lenchwe II last year, he had been trying to bring the warring factions together.
He promised that by the coming winter, the initiation school, “bogwera”, will be modernized so that it strengthens the culture of Sekgatla.

Some NGOs, he said, have shown interest in bogwera.
“Negotiations are at an advanced stage and we are hoping that we shall sign a contract.”

He said he anticipated a good turn out of young boys and added that Bagwera was suspended 20 years ago. “But it will be good to have a small number that can easily be controlled.”
Kgafela said “bojale” might be resumed for the ladies may be the year after next.

He said he will be a full member of Ntlo Ya Dikgosi and is ready to take up the challenge.



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