Saturday, June 3, 2023

Kgalagadi North children receive Catholic Women’s Association donation

Fifteen representatives of the Catholic Women’s Association of the Diocese of Gaborone together with their sponsor, BOTUSAFE (PTY) LTD recently braved all odds and drove to Zutshwa, a settlement in Kgalagadi North about 60 km from Hukuntsi to spend time with orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs).

They threw them a party and donated items of stationery for all the six pre-schools, brand new clothes for the children in the pre-school and other children in the community as well as pre-owned clothes for the rest of the community of Zutshwa.

This beautiful settlement was in that week blessed with good rains till Saturday when the sky decided to clear to make way for two groups of good Samaritans who came to the community’s rescue though on different missions namely the CWA and a youth group from Mmankgodi village from different religious denominations.

“The CWA did not only donate clothes but also served the entire community freshly cooked lunch sponsored and prepared by CWA. The members also spent time with the children to cheer them and help them view life differently later in life,” said CWA spokesperson, Karen Mudadi.

She said CWA and BOTUSAFE (PTY) LTD were in that region mainly to fulfil their annual visit to the six pre-schools for the same children owned and run by the Catholic Church whose premise is that ‘Early Childhood Education (ECE) provides sound education foundation, a right for every child’.

She said that this is a vital stage in every child’s life and cannot be over-emphasized hence the donation of items of stationery for the six pre-schools to add onto what had been provided in the previous years to complete the requirements of every up to standard pre-school. The schools have two teachers each trained and paid by the church.

“The teachers are local members of the community and help the children in learning Setswana which they would be expected to communicate in when they go to start primary school since it is the medium of instruction,” she said.

This is of great help for these children who would have otherwise missed on attending pre-school due to economical and geographical challenges. The other five pre-schools are located at Monong, Maake, Ncaang, Ukhwi and Ngwatle. In all the pre-schools, the children are tutored and fed free of charge.
The church wishes to continue to provide this service to reach out to the marginalised communities and also meet the government half way where it cannot reach as long-time stakeholders in Botswana’s education among other sectors and therefore urges the beneficiaries to make use of the opportunity while it lasts.

She concluded by pointing out that God is among us ÔÇô silently giving meaning to every creature and sense to every event while also sharing the gift of giving.

“As CWA we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following organisations for sponsoring the 2014 visit to the Kgalagadi North orphanages; Botusafe (PTY) LTD, Pep Botswana, Pula sales, Tropicana Distributors, Botswana Book Centre, Hawkers No 1 Stop Shop (R. K Fashions (PTY) LTD), Pinnacle Media, Vet Agric Suppliers, St Joseph’s College and CWA members. May God bless us!”


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