Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Kgathi unaware of rampant sacking of coaches

Even if he would have been privy to the squabbles and rumblings currently alleged to be doing the rounds among football teams and their coaches, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture would have preferred to keep a low profile instead of dragging his department in the mud.

For sometime now the relationship between the local football management and their coaches has not been an easy one.

Shaw Kgathi, however, is oblivious of these developments.

“I have often learnt through the media that some coaches of some premier league clubs and first division teams have had their contracts of employment terminated prematurely, creating a situation of insecurity at work. However, this matter has not been officially reported to my office,” Kgathi revealed during Ntlo ya Dikgosi last week, adding “even if it were, I would opt to tread with caution in dealing with this matter.”

Saddened by the soaring number of these incidents, Kgosi Kgomotso Boiditswe of Serowe region posed some questions, seeking to know the interventions so far imposed by the government to combat this development.

“My ministry is not in a position to intervene in such cases to protect the welfare of coaches and their families from financial embarrassment owing to the fact that the ministry is not privy to the contents of contracts signed between these parties,” Kgathi said, adding, “Furthermore, it is believed that the clubs and coaches under reference agree on certain deliverables within the performance contract and it is likely that the contract also spells out possible consequences that will emanate from inability to perform to expected standard.”

He hoped that the contracts are done in accordance with the Botswana labour laws and advised those aggrieved to be at liberty to report the matter to the nearest district labour office.

Perhaps threatened by recent reports, the Botswana football fraternity could be suspended or expelled from participating in international activities, owing to the advent of the constituency league, the brainchild of President Ian Khama.

The Constituency League is deemed by FIFA as a direct interference of government in the sport.
Kgathi indicated that his ministry is also unable to intervene as FIFA is against political interference in the management of football.

“I am afraid that any effort by the government to suggest a resolution and enquiry in matters of this nature will be deemed as political interference and thus the Botswana Football Association would run the risk of possible sanctions by FIFA,” he concluded.


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