Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kgatleng District Council appeals to the business community to observe trading hours

Dear Editor

Kgatleng District Council appeals to the business community to abide by their licence requirement over the Easter Holidays. The council would like to remind liquor outlets to continue to observe closing and opening times of their businesses. Liquor outlets owners are reminded that on Thursday 9th April, hours of operation are from 1400hrs to 2200hrs. On Good Friday and Easter Monday, operation hours are from 1500hrs to 2200hrs.

On Saturday operation hours are from 12 noon to 2300hrs and Sunday from 1500hrs to 2200hrs.

Bars are further reminded that they are not allowed to play loud music that can be heard at a distance of more than 200 meters from the licensed premises.

Bars and Fresh produce traders are also reminded that braaing and frying within the premises of Bars and Fresh produce is prohibited, unless licensed to do so.

Stiff penalties will be taken on those who do not abide by the law. Our By-law officers will be monitoring.
Kgatleng District Council wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday.

Yours Faithfully

Tidimalo Palai
Kgatleng District Council Senior Public Relations Officer
For/Council Secretary


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