Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Kgengwenyane laid to rest in Lobatse

A fortnight ago, former Extension Gunners’ publicity officer, Abdul Shimane Kgengwenyane, mingled with the rest of the mourners at the burial of the club’s winger, Marvin ‘Vulah’ Kaelo, in Mmopane.

At the cemetery, he cracked jokes with some of the mourners leaving them in stitches. He said it was not time to cry over Kaelo’s death but to celebrate his life. He comforted some of those who had been hit hard by the youngster’s death, including his father.

As has always been the case when he was in the picture, he shared some of the unthinkable stories of his life. He smiled and laughed. He even told some mourners to help him find a suitable house for a man of his caliber in Molepolole where he intended to open a restaurant.

But little did most of those people around him know, it was the last time they would hear or see him. On the morning of August 2, shocking news started spreading like veldt fire that the ever-smiling former Extension Gunners’ publicity officer, Abdul Shimane Kgengwenyane, had died in a road accident near Kumakwane.

He was travelling in a Gaborone-bound bus which collided with a Choppies truck near Kumakwane. It is understood that the truck driver was trying to overtake another car when the accident happened.
Unfortunately for Abdul, he died on the spot, leaving the football fraternity shell-shocked. Those who had seen him the past weekend in Mmopane could not believe the sad news.

The question was, why him?

But those who knew him took consolation in that the Almighty Lord has a plan for us all.
In the past week, a Facebook page going by the name of “In memory of Abdul Kgengwenyane, former Extension Gunners PRO” had been set up. The page was created in order to honour and pass messages about the cheerful character that was Abdul.

On this page, most people, who included current and former players, officials, journalists and supporters, shared stories about the man commonly known as Highway. Former Zebras’ captain Masego ‘Abedi’ Ntshingane posted that the death of Abdul had left him speechless and he was still trying to come to terms with it.

Gabz fm sports presenter, Mojaki Monnakgotla, dedicated his show on Monday evening to the man who lived his life for Gunners.

“I really loved the guy with all my heart. A good PRO who always gave me answers about Gunners even late in the night. May his soul rest in peace,” wrote Mojaki on the Facebook page.

Football supporter Tapologo Black Dee Tumedi quoted from the Bible, Mark 9:37, which reads: “Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent Me.”

Kgengwenyane’s personal friend, Nelson Olebile, said, “I’m still shocked up to today. We had big plans ahead of us which we planned to implement. Even when he met his demise, we were supposed to meet and unfortunately we couldn’t. He was a character who liked to crack jokes and he would bring laughter where there was tension.”

Gunners’ secretary Mosimanegape Seitshiro said he has lost a mentor in Kgengwenyane because he is the one who taught him about football administration.

“He gave all his life to Gunners and we’ve lost more than a publicity officer. Even during the transfer window, he used to help a lot in recruiting players,” said Seitshiro. Kgengwenyane, 44, was buried in Lobatse yesterday and he is survived by his wife and two kids.


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