Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kgosi planted bullets on Kalafatis – claim

Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Director General Isaac Kgosi was the first person at the scene after John Kalafatis was killed, and he planted bullets on the dead body to make it look like Kalafatis was armed ÔÇô sources close to the shooting have revealed.

Fresh information has emerged suggesting that Kgosi wanted Kalafatis dead and was happy that the Botswana Defence (BDF) Force team had shot him dead. After Sergeant Dzikamani Mothobi, Lance Corporal Gotshosamang Sechele, Lance Corporal Ronny Motako and Corporal Boitshoko Maifala had killed Kalafatis, Kgosi who was the first at the scene allegedly told them “good job guys.”

Sources close to the incident told Sunday Standard that Kgosi then fired his rifle in the air to scare away curious onlookers before phoning President Lt Gen Ian Khama and Allan West to tell them that Kalafatis was dead. The revelations confirm State Prosecutor Ambrose Mubikwa’s claims during the Kalafatis murder trial that Kalafatis’ killers planted bullets of him to create an impression that Kalafatis was armed when they killed him. Mothobi who was leading the BDF confirmed to the High Court in Lobatse that they did not find any gun on Kalafatis, and Mubika questioned why Kalafatis would carry bullets when he did not have a gun on him.

Ray Gare who was with Kalafatis when he was killed also told the media at the time said bullets were planted in the car. Gare who was driving the car, in which Kalafatis was shot, said in an interview that his friend was not carrying any arms or ammunition on that day but after he was held down by security agents for hours, he found bullets sprinkled in their car. Gare also made a statement in his affidavit which corroborates allegations by Sunday Standard sources that Kgosi fired his gun after Kalafatis was killed. Gare stated that a little while after the gunshots that killed Kalafatis, there was the sound of gunshots from a heavier rifle. A source close to the shooting further revealed that after Kgosi got to the scene, there was a debate on whether to kill Ray Gare and Joseph Piet who were with Kalafatis when he was killed. The DISS and MI team was worried that Piet and Gare who had been ordered to lie face down on the ground would testify against them.

Sunday Standard has also established that Kgosi was working alongside members of the Botswana Defence Force and Military Intelligence in the hunt for Kalafatis.

Kalafatis was brutally shot and killed execution style by members of the BDF Military Intelligence (MI). Three officers Sechele, Matako, and Maifala were subsequently found guilty of his murder in 2011. However, President Khama pardoned them a few months into their 11-year jail sentence. The men have since gone back to work. Kgosi would not give the Sunday Standard his side of the story, despite numerous calls and SMS messages.


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