Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Khama and Saleshando agree to meet often

President Ian Khama and the Leader of the Opposition, Dumelang Saleshando, have agreed to hold regular meetings to discuss issues of national importance as and when the need arises, a communication from Saleshando’s office has revealed.

Khama and Saleshando met on the 1st of August.

“Having observed that in the past, meetings between the President and Leader of the Opposition were generally convened only when required by statute, there is need to dialogue more closely on issues of national importance beyond instances provided by statutes,” stated Saleshando. “Whilst we may not always agree on matters of policies and bills presented to the National Assembly, there is need to commit ourselves to constructively engage each other for the benefit of the people we represent.
I wish to confirm that the President is of the same view and our offices will interact as and when the need arises.”

According to Saleshando, Khama has given an assurance that the Leader of the Opposition will have courtesy to meet visiting dignitaries such as heads of state.

The two men also discussed the possibility of resuscitating the All Party Conference as a forum for political parties across the divide to discuss political reforms.

The BCP leader says that while Khama expressed reservations about the composition of the All Party Conference before it was phased out, he has agreed that the issue be revisited in the near future.
The two leaders also discussed the Delimitation Commission and the declining level of Education standards and the low morale among teachers.

“While we differ on whether the problem amounts to a crisis that is getting out of control, we both agree on the need for greater attention on matters relating to our education system. I will be following up some of the issues discussed with the Minister of Education and Skills Development,” says Saleshando.

He added that following his meeting with President Khama he briefed his colleagues in the opposition bench.


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