Monday, February 26, 2024

Khama did well to clarify he’s not Jesus

For quite some time I have been worried President Ian Khama could be thinking of himself as another Jesus Christ, that bachelor carpenter who died on the cross, apparently for our sins. I was worried that perhaps Khama views himself as infallible as Jesus was said to have been. My worry stemmed from the realization many people in our country seem to see Jesus in Khama and that he seemed to enjoy the comparison. It turns out I was wrong because Khama has since made it clear that no one, including himself, is comparable to Jesus. Many of our people deny Jesus Christ and his father, God, the worship that they deserve and instead give it all to President Khama.

I have always made it clear I will never worship Khama or IPC’s Ntate Modise or ZCC’s Lekganyane or that ‘Man of God’ in Nigeria. What they can get from me is respect and not worship. They are leaders and they are elders and just like all elderly people, they deserve our respect. Some people frown at me when I criticize President Khama. Some people curse me when I cast doubts on Prophet Joshua. To them, these are extraordinary men who should never be criticized or advised because, as far as their blind following has it, these men are at par with Jesus Christ who seemingly never erred. To their followers, questioning these men’s deeds and wisdom is tantamount to discrediting God.

I have always known Ian Khama to be a human being just like me and you. I know he goes through what every human being has to go through in the journey of life. He eats and sleeps just like all of us. He loves and hates just like all human beings. He has his strengths and weaknesses. Because he is only human, he errs just like all human beings. Because he is only human, he can be nice or be cruel. I’m very glad he accepts this reality. I’m glad he is not amused at people who confuse him for Jesus. Some do not even liken him to Jesus-they feel he is Jesus.

I watched Btv the other day and saw elderly people receiving blankets from Khama at his official residence. Mind you, I have no qualms with Khama doling out blankets to the needy. All compassionate people should do that and I do not doubt Khama’s compassion towards the elderly and the needy. Well, I know those blankets are not financed from Khama’s pocket even though he never tells the recipients about the real philanthropists behind those donations. Well, that is beside the point because the most important thing is to give out the blankets to the needy and really I couldn’t be bothered a bit whether the donors receive the credit and the publicity that they should be getting. One of the elderly grannies who received the blanket donation went on to thank Khama for his generosity and labeled him God. No, she didn’t say Khama was God-sent. She said Khama is God. Another old timer who benefited from Khama’s donations said he has surrendered his life into the hands of Khama. He said his destiny lies squarely in the hands of Khama. Jesus must be angry at these old people who, instead of surrendering their near-end lives to God, they choose Khama. I know and understand the context of their message. However, people should be very careful because their treatment of Khama can bring perceptions that could destroy him and the country. They can treat Khama like God and end up making him believe he is God. Luckily, Khama has cleared the air and urged people to stop calling him Jesus or God lest they send wrong impressions to our kids. Not only are these people confusing our kids, they are insulting God by comparing him to his messenger. Well that is if our leaders are sent by God to lead us.

You see, we grew up hearing all sorts of extraordinary things about Khama and we don’t want the same to happen to our children. We only learnt later in life that a lot that was said about Khama was all lies and ridiculously misleading. For example I grew up knowing that Khama was able to turn himself into a fly. I grew up knowing that when you try to shoot at Khama, instead of a bullet, water would come through the barrel of your gun. Now you see how we were made to believe Khama had powers only matching those of Jesus whom we are told walked on water, turned water into wine and fed thousands of people only two fish and five loaves of bread. I know Khama has characteristics similar to those of Jesus but it is wrong for people to see him as Jesus. Some people are even beginning to say they won’t get married because Khama and Jesus never did. While Khama and Jesus both care for the needy, we cannot say they are at par because Khama was conceived the natural way where you have a mother and a father while Jesus only had a mother and holy spirit for a father.

It is therefore commendable that Khama finally saw the need to stop this annoying nonsense of calling him Jesus. He did that last week at a function that was organized to award form 5 top achievers. My buddy Benson Phuthego who was directing the proceedings, had, clearly in an effort to impress Khama, told of how he had told a child that it was proper and befitting to say Khama is Jesus because according to him, the two men are equally excellent and caring. Khama warned against it and made it known that even as his title is ‘His Excellency” that doesn’t mean he is as excellent as Jesus Christ. He said being addressed as ‘Honorable or Majesty’ doesn’t mean leaders are always honorable or majestic. Well-done Mr President and may God bless you for making it known Jesus compares to no one.

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