Saturday, June 15, 2024

Khama dismisses opposition as hopeless and clueless

MMADINARE ÔÇô Hopeless, clueless and pointless these are some of the adjectives president Khama used to try and paint a picture of an opposition that is irrelevant.

Speaking at the just ended Botswana Democratic Party 36th national Congress held in Mmadinare over the weekend said there was still no alternative and the opposition has nothing to offer Batswana.

“The opposition has proven to offer no hope for Batswana, which makes them hopeless, they have no clue how to do things which makes them clueless. They cannot point to any directions this country should take which make them pointless. So if you are hopeless, clueless and pointless, that makes them of no use to this country and therefore useless.

He said it was very difficult at times to run government, complicated, challenging and requires good planning like what the ruling BDP is currently doing.

Khama said government faced difficult challenges during the economic meltdown and was forced to make tough decisions to save Botswana from the ravages of the regional and international economic challenges.

“I have to thank you Batswana in general for your understanding during the past difficult economic period and with current challenges. It was only some in our misguided and unpatriotic opposition who sought and still continue to try to make political capital out of these challenges,” he said.

The president told BDP supporters that to be meaningful to Batswana, economic growth has to be accompanied by expanded employment, which is why the BDP Manifesto listed job creation at the top of their aspirations. “It is in this nation’s best interests that the BDP continues to be in government for a long time to come. Be it infrastructure development like hospitals, schools, roads, dams, water, cities, towns, or programmes like poverty eradication, the fight against HIV/AIDS, youth employment or job creation, only the BDP can deliver these and many others,” said Khama.

He said all the BDP needed to do to reassure Batswana that it was still relevant was to go back and make sure that they resuscitate the structures.

“Like I have said before, if there are no structures there is no party. We need these structures to reassure Batswana that we are still the party of choice and that there is no alternative. I know you know, even the opposition knows although they will never admit it, that we are the only party that can take Botswana to greater heights and achieve all the expectations our citizens want of its government.”

He said, “as I have reminded you many times before, including in the address I am giving today, we, the BDP have the best people in all aspects to deliver to these expectations.”


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