Thursday, April 25, 2024

Khama emotive rally divides BDP in Maun

John Wellio: BDP Chairman, Maun Region and prominent businessman

“It is politics and politicians were using political language. Of course I hear rumors that the utterances made at that rally have raised emotions for some people. I cannot however say with certainty that it has de- campaigned the BDP. You must also remember that Tawana abdicated chieftaincy and please note that I am not one of those people who spoke about Tawana at the rally”

Gaegatwe Sekeletu: Ngamiland cattle baron and prominent BDP elder

“I am not happy at all. In fact I’m still shaking even as I speak to you. I have witnessed elections in Botswana for the past 48 years but I have never seen anything like this. I don’t understand how Tsitsi could allow herself to be used like an unthinking tool. She allowed herself to be used like an apparatus that can be paraded in class as a teaching aid. As Batawana, across the political divide, we are very ashamed and feel belittled. First of all we want to understand where Khama got Tawana’s wife. You don’t put another man’s wife in your pocket and pull her out of your pocket in front of her in-laws. If indeed Khama cared about Tawana and his kids as he professes, he should have approached the uncles and raised his concerns with them. This is not politics and they give politics a bad name. They are killing our beloved party that we have supported and loved for so many years. When it comes to Tawana, not even the president can stop me from defending him as my Paramount Chief. If both Khama and Tawana show up with briefcases, I will, without hesitation, help carry Tawana’s briefcase and not the president’s.”

Galaletsang Mhapha: BDP council candidate, Kgosing ward, Maun

“You must understand that I’m BDP and I’m talking to you right from inside the BDP office. I only want to comment on what Khama said and not on what other speakers said. I find nothing wrong with Khama saying he helps Tawana’s ex wife raise her children. He was trying to show that he cares about Tawana and his kids. That rally was fully packed so I don’t think it de-campaigned us. Yes I understand there was a meeting where people raised their concerns but I will only know if people are concerned after my house to house campaigns which I will kick start this evening ( Monday)”

Duncan Inga: BDP council candidate, Thamalakane , Maun

“That was very wrong in all fronts. Kgosi has to be afforded respect. In fact he needed not be a Kgosi to deserve respect because as Batswana we know very well that we have to be selective on the language we use on elders. We must differ in deference. Our political differences should not allow us to disrespect the elders. For a long time Botswana has been the envy of the world because of our calm and respectful politics which are based on mutual understanding and we should guard against reversing all that. In Setswana you cannot even say an elder is telling lies. You would rather say they are not telling the truth even if deep down your heart you know you meant they are lying.”

Meanwhile, Tawana’s regiment, Matsaakgang is organizing a Kgotla meeting where they intend to address the people of Maun on the issue and come up with resolutions on the issue. Speaking to The Telegraph on Monday, Philimon Maoto, who is part of the four-man delegation that has been tasked with organizing the meeting, said they have since sent their request to Batawana Regent Kgosi Kealetile Moremi seeking permission to use the main Kgotla for their meeting. He said Kgosi Moremi has promised to meet with the Royal uncles and give feedback on Tuesday. The people of Maun were left incensed by utterances made by President Khama and his campaign team at the two political rallies that were held in Maun on Friday. Khama told BDP members that Tawana was ill-mannered and irresponsible and that he was the one taking care of Tawana’s ex wife and kids. BDP national campaign manager Alec Seametso on the other hand said Tawana was a spoilt brat who is irresponsible. He said Tawana took a CEDA loan and spent all the money on alcohol and failed to service the loan. Another BDP activist from Serowe, Mogalakwe made it clear that his main purpose for coming to Maun was to insult Tawana on behalf of Khama.


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