Friday, June 21, 2024

Khama is consumed by jealousy

It is okay to be jealous under normal circumstances. It would be wrong to suggest otherwise. It only becomes a problem when is not controlled well Ian Khama has failed to control his jealousy and has as a result become a Mugabe’s double. It has become a mere disease. Unfortunately this disease is not only affecting him alone, it has now become a national crisis.

Because of Khama’s jealousy for Mugabe, he has blindly copied Mugabe’s leadership style, like the unfair advantage of using the state media to spread the BDP propaganda.

It has now become a norm to see a government journalist reading the BDP manifesto on national television while the opposition parties are denied a chance to air their policies. Ever since he came into power, he has adopted a very aggressive foreign policy. He is delighted when attacking other presidents. His first victim being his competitor next door. I am told Khama and Mugabe’s administrations have the highest numbers of deportees in the region. Only God knows what problems these guys have with the foreigners since the laws allow them not to divulge the reasons behind these deportations to public. It is disheartening how the now famous 4 D’s have eaten up the vision 2016. Vision 2016 has become an idle hope as we approach the year 2016. It is a shame indeed; our seven pillars have died a natural death.

Our president is truly a copycat. At times I think his role model is Mugabe. He says private media are unpatriotic, that is why he doesn’t read local newspapers. That’s Mugabe’ song. What kind of a leader is he! How can he improve his governance without people’s opinions. Great leaders take advice and they accept to be criticised. That is why Obama once told John Sidney McCain III, “I will always listen to you especially when we disagree.”

Khama failed Botswana. He failed us dismally. In fact I wonder how he was leading the army. His mandate as the vice president was to monitor and report project implementation to parliament. Not once did he report to parliament not to mention that during his tenure in office no project was successfully completed on time. But still he has the confidence to threaten workers for poor service delivery.

The most painful part is His Excellency’s love for luxury while thousands of youth are roaming the streets unemployed’ another of Mugabe’s traits. The presidential jet, cutlery for the said jet, caravan, renovation of the state house, construction of the military barracks at the state house just to mention a few; a clear imitation of Mugabe’s state house. what a coincidence! And he is now constructing a private airport somewhere in Mosu using tax payer’s money, At least I heard the said airport would be open to government for use. Khama claims to be a democrat but he never respected the judicial system of this country. I was surprised when he pardoned those assassins for the late Kalafatis.

He even ignored the ombudsman’s order to stop flying BDF helicopters. Maybe is because he doesn’t recognise the office. I never understand Ian. Which democrat would force a back bencher to retract the statement she/he makes in parliament?

Parliamentary immunity doesn’t exist in Khama’s administration. I don’t know where this double gets the gut to condemn and criticize Mugabe. How can he talk about unfair elections in Zimbabwe while in Botswana elections have never been fair since forever? He is being a hypocrite. I must admit that I hardly see the difference between the two gentlemen. Maybe the only difference is that Ian is young enough to be Mugabe’s son. We really need to save our country from Khama’s grip. Or else Botswana’s Kim-Jong like democracy will fall on us!!!!!!!


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