Monday, May 27, 2024

Khama is not the right person to criticize Blatter

At times I just want to respond with a simple “mxm!” to show the contempt that some of the statements that come from our President deserve. There are times I just wonder if President Ian Khama gets engulfed with too much delusion and lack of self-introspection for him to come up with some of these bizarre and shameful statements. I ask myself, does my dear president suffer from some kind of short memory syndrome?

I mean, he tends to forget so easily and so quickly. Shock, disbelief and embarrassment greeted me when I heard my president was at it again, jumping the gun and making pronouncements on FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s impending resignation from the world soccer-governing authority.

Even before Blatter could pack his belongings from his office far away in Zurich, our president, oceans away here, has already shouted his excitement to the entire world on Blatter’s downfall. I have no problem with other people expressing their excitement and advancing reasons that elicited their relief. In fact, I couldn’t care less that Khama is happy about Blatter’s resignation because after all I am not a football fanatic and as such football matters are not in the list of my many problems.

The only thing that caught my attention and left me shell-shocked is the reasons advanced by President Khama on why Blatter deserved the boot. Khama says he has zero tolerance for corruption and as such people who are accused of corruption must step down from public office. I was like, what the front? I think they caught my president sleep talking. I mean, it can’t be Khama telling us that in his books, people who are accused of corruption need to step down from office. I refuse to believe he said that, fully awake and aware of what he was saying. Some things are just unbelievable, coming from people you least expected them to say.

Here we have a president whose cabinet ministers have been making a beeline to the courts of law, accused of corruption and he never told them to step down but he has the temerity to call for the resignation of Blatter whose corruption accusations really have little if no impact at all on Batswana and their country’s integrity.

Khama is just so unbelievable. Khama says it is not in line for Botswana “to be associated with individuals accused of corruption”. Nya tlhe banna! Are you people sure they only serve Oros at the State House? I mean, in all honesty I find it hard to accept Khama really made such comments about corruption. Is this not the same Khama who is on record as having said he is not sacking his cabinet ministers because he believes they are innocent until proven otherwise by the courts of law?

Is this not the same president who continued to have in his cabinet, corruption-accused ministers such as Vincent Seretse, Kenneth Matambo and Ndelu Seretse (and to his credit, Ndelu did exactly what Blatter has now done). Blatter has resigned not because he has been convicted of corruption. He only resigned because he is being accused and investigated for corruption. This is what Khama’s ministers refused, with his backing, to do. The nation called upon the ministers to resign while they were still being accused and investigated but Khama played their fortress and told us to ‘fok’ off. It is for this reason that I’m shocked Khama can now be the one climbing roof tops and calling for the resignation of people who are only accused of corruption and still remain innocent until proven otherwise by the courts of law. Blatter is stepping down because the people who worked under him are embroiled in corruption scandals.

This is something that Khama should have done when his lieutenants got entangled in corruption scandals because by extension, he is also implicated. Khama’s confidante, Isaac Kgosi stands accused of corruption but he is still in office yet Khama has the audacity to ridicule Blatter who only resigned out of principle and not that he has already been charged and tried in the courts of law. Khama says he is disappointed that the Botswana Football Association supported Blatter for FIFA presidency. Ke gore in Khama’s world, we should all support everything that he supports and abhor everything he has a disdain for. We should not drink alcohol because he doesn’t imbibe. We should exercise because he is a gym fanatic. BFA should therefore not vote for Blatter because he does not support him. Khama says it is his government’s responsibility to root out corruption. Someone please tell our President to stop being excited about the rooting out of corruption at FIFA when here in country corruption is getting entrenched. They say charity begins at home and before Khama cleanses our country of corruption, there is no reason to get excited about what Blatter is going through right now.

In any case, Blatter is corrupting an organization that is made up of members who volunteered to be part of it while in our case, Khama and his associates are corrupting our country which some of us never volunteered to be part of but were born to be part of. Khama should therefore stop deflecting attention from the corruption in our country by poking his nose on FIFA matters. Khama has been given the mandate to run Botswana and should to leave those mandated with running FIFA to carry out their mandate.

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