Monday, March 4, 2024

Khama lacks something. I don’t know what it is

In my effort to try and find out what could be the reason President Ian Khama behaves and rules the way he does, I opined that his shady academic credentials could be the real source. His people nearly ate me alive. One of his crazed followers came out with guns blazing. Instead of assuring me that Khama’s educational background has got nothing to do with his leadership style, the die-hard fan questioned my own academic credentials. I once also suggested that perhaps Khama’s upbringing could provide answers to questions on his leadership style.

At the time, his followers threatened to give me physical advice. They said I was ill-mannered to question a president’s upbringing. Luckily, I’m alive to the fact we can’t all be reasonable and rational. We can’t all think alike. We view and comprehend things differently. Such is the design of life and humanity. We are different and that is why they have composed different words to describe us. Some of us are stupid and some are clever. I once described Khama’s presidency as foolish. His lieutenants wrote lengthy rebuttals to the editors admonishing me. I am told Khama was also incensed so much that he even sent Ponatshego Kedikilwe to reprimand me. Look, I didn’t invent a single word in the vocabulary. I only learnt the meaning of words that are already in use. Foolish is one of the words that I have no qualms using. Foolish is not a derogative or insulting word. The problem is, no one wants to be told they are foolish because everyone wants to be told they are intelligent.

This is despite the fact we all know and agree humans can’t all be intelligent because foolishness also needs its own population. I used the word foolish to describe Khama’s presidency because my dictionary informs me the word refers to “lacking forethought or caution”. I used the word in that context and meaning. I therefore do not understand why people should get goose-bumps when I’m simply saying Khama’s administration lacks forethought and caution. Examples are in abundance for attestation. Perhaps I should just also briefly address the moron who feels I am not rightly placed to question Khama’s academic credentials. And I know some people are already frowning over my use of the word moron. Sit down! What I’m only trying to point out is, in my view, it is moronic to even suggest citizens need to be more educated than the president before they could demand to see his school certificate. I use the word moron in its contextual reference to someone who lacks one shred of intellectual curiosity. I ask myself, does this mean before I could hand over my driver’s license to a police officer, I should first ask to see his?

I mean, I know of so many traffic officers who do not even know where the ignition of a car is located but they are entitled to question and fine me for road traffic offences. Police officers do not have to pass driving lessons to question those who have been given the license to drive. Khama, as president, is the driver of the nation and as such the nation is entitled to question his driving skills and demand to see his driver’s license. So really, Batswana are well within their rights to question anything about their leaders, including even their upbringing. I have reasons as to why I’m curious to know how Khama was brought up and how he was educated. I have already elaborated how Khama, as our leader, is therefore our driver and as such we are entitled to see his driver’s license.

I see Khama as someone with signs of inferior complex and as such he always wants to be in the forefront of everything and everyone to suppress this complexity. He always wants to dominate and be seen as better than everyone around him. You just have to observe how he wants to be the one giving out bibles, radios, soup, blankets, torches, sweets, shirts and houses to the needy, without ever acknowledging the real donors behind the donations. Khama is not our first president but he is the first president to identify and attach government programmes to his name. His predecessors came up with various government programmes but they remained government programmes and were never attached to their names. Khama appears to me as someone who has some sort of bloated sense of entitlement. This is where Khama’s upbringing may help unravel this kind of behavior. After his upbringing we now have to shift to his schooling. This will help us to understand his detachment from the middle and working class.

We need to understand why Khama seems not to understand that the middle class are the drivers of this country’s economy. Why is Khama not concerned about the education of our children and their teachers’ welfare? Why does Khama prefer to attend political rallies and make trivial statements which more often border on pettiness while refusing to represent our country at international forums? Why does Khama appear to believe it is blasphemous to have opposition parties in the country? Why does Khama believe he is entitled to script our lives and give us instructions on when we can drink and sleep? The answer to all those questions may be found in Khama’s academic credentials.

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